Millenium Capsule

As part of the Parish Council's celebration of the new millennium a time capsule was buried in the Cemetery on 12th May 2000.

A stone plaque beside the millennium yew near the Cemetery entrance marks the location.The items included in the capsule were intended to represent various aspects of life in the village at the turn of the millennium and other items of interest generally. It was intended that the capsule should not be opened for at least fifty years after burial.Parish Councillors and other residents suggested items to include and they are listed in alphabetical order with a few additional comments on their relevance now that five years has passed since their burial.

"Age Concern" annual report
The Branch had wide support reflecting the high percentage of retired residents in the Parish.

Autographs of the Indian World Cup Cricket Team. The team toured England in 1999.

Book "History of Willingdon" by W J Vine

Generations of the Vine family farmed at Mornings Mill Farm in the Parish. Several family members were also Parish Councillors.

Book "Willingdon Golf Club History"

Booklet "A Family Walk Around Jevington"

Booklet "Story of Wannock" by M Bruce-Wilson

Brochure from Wilmoths Garage

The brochure illustrated the range of motor cars sold in the village in 2000 together with a price list and a key ring.

Bus Time Tables


Compact Disc

Although in 2000 these were used for selling recorded music, they rapidly developed into storage medium for computer use.

Computer Diskette
This was usually referred to as a 3 ½ inch disc and it had replaced several years before the unstable large floppy disk. Now five years later the Computer Diskette is rapidly being replaced by the Compact Disc (see above).

Cemetery Photographs
The Cemetery in 2000 was increasingly popular due to its superb location at the foot of the Downs and because space was running out in other cemeteries in nearby locations.

Chalk Farm and EPAG leaflets
The Chalk Farm Hotel and plant nursery are run as a charity by young people with learning difficulties and seen as a very successful and valuable local project.

Chichester Cathedral Service Sheet
The service in the Cathedral was the occasion when the Millennium Yews were presented to all the Sussex Parishes. Willingdon's yew is planted in the Cemetery near to the entrance.

Chinese Newspaper and Television Articles
The articles about Councillor Shing, Willingdon Parish, District and County Councillor, were circulated throughout the Chinese community in Canada and Europe. There is also a Chinese Television press release about Councillor Shing.

Examples of the pre-decimalisation coinage from before 1971 and a set of current year 2000 coins are included.

There is also a Roman coin representing something from the previous Millennium. It is a "centenionalis" which was a low value coin issued during the rule of Emperor Caesar Constantius II in AD346.

One of the earliest computers sold was the Sinclair ZX81 (in 1981). One of these together with its manual is in the capsule. A photograph of a current 2000 PC computer illustrates how the technology changed in the twenty years and continues to evolve rapidly.

Cracker Game
From a Christmas cracker.

Crown Waste Composting Leaflet
In 2000 Wealden District Council was introducing its "Composting Recycling Our Waste Now" service to minimize waste going to landfill. The leaflet explained how the system would work. Five years later the system is working well and has been added to by recycling of newspapers, tins and foil. An experimental collection and recycling of plastic bottles is also in operation in Willingdon.

Eastbourne Herald 
The local newspaper for 31st December 1999 included the local news.

Eclipse August 1999 -photographs

Electoral Register

The registers for Willingdon and Jevington listed everyone in the Parish registered to vote.

Fireworks and Beacon photographs
At midnight 31 December 1999 the Parish Council presented a fireworks display in Huggetts Lane Recreation ground. Also a Beacon was lit on the top of the Downs.

Fuse Wire
Fuse wire is now virtually obsolete as most electric systems are protected by "trips" that switch off the current in the event of overload.

Information on "Tapsell" Gate and Saxon Statue in Jevington church
The Tapsell gate, one of only six in Sussex, is an image incorporated into the Parish Council logo.

Jigsaw Project Photographs
The Sussex Downs Conservation Board millennium project involved inviting all the Sussex Parishes to submit photographs representing the culture of the parishes. The photographs were bound in albums and are held by the Board after touring throughout Sussex. The Willingdon and Jevington photographs are also held in an album in the Parish Office and copies were included in the capsule.

Lottery Ticket
No it was not a winner and anyway it's to late to claim now.

Millennium Maps
Copies of the three millennium maps of Willingdon and Jevington by Philip Brown were presented to the Village Halls, the Schools and the Library. Photographs of the presentations are in the capsule.

Mobile Phone
The one included is an early example. The phones have now moved into the third generation including pictures. Another illustration of how technology has advanced in the last five years.

Motoring Supplement with Car Prices

Parish Council Minutes 1999-2000

The photographs include the 1999 Parish Councillors, the Willingdon shops and the old School.

Two poems written by local residents Mrs B Binnie and Mrs V Verge are included.

Postage Stamps
The set of Millennium Issue are included.

Property Supplement and prices

An old style razor with blades that was in use throughout the twentieth century. This has recently become obsolete by the multi bladed type.

St Andrew's Church, St Mary's Church, St Wilfrid's Church Magazines and Willingdon United Free Church (now Trinity Church) Messanger

The St Andrew's PCC annual report for 1999 is also included.

Supermarket Till Receipt

Sussex Express for 1 January 2000

Tape Cassette

The tape's life as the medium for playing recorded music at the Millennium was rapidly coming to an end being replaced by the compact disc. (see above)

Top Ten

Lists of the top ten films and singles at the turn of the millennium.

Video Cassette

The way to show recorded programmes and films at home now rapidly being replaced by the DVD.

Vinyl Disc

Now fondly remembered the vinyl disc was the way to play recorded music through most of the twentieth century. Now replaced by the tape cassette and compact disc and new ways of playing music by downloading to computer and mobile phones and devices such as ipods.

The disc included is tunes played by the Late Russ Conway who was famous in the 1970's and 80's playing on the Billy Cotton Band Show. Before his death Russ Conway lived in retirement in Eastbourne.

Wannock Village Hall Annual Report 1999

Wealden DC Rates Leaflet

Willingdon Primary and Community Schools
Examples of school reports, press cuttings, exam papers and prize lists.

Yew Tree
Photographs of the planting, the label and the tree certificate are included.

Yo Yo
Enjoyed a revival of popularity in 2000.

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