Co-Option of Councillors

The Parish Council are looking to co-opt 1 person to fill the remaining vacancies following the local elections.

If you would like to help develop, improve and protect your local community for the future, why not join the Parish Council.

To be eligible you must qualify under one of the provisions of Section 79 of the Local Government Act 1972, i.e.
a) be on the electoral register for the Parish;
b) have owned or rented land in the Parish for 12 months;
c) have worked in the Parish for 12 months;
d) have lived in the Parish or within 3 miles of the Parish
boundary for 12 months.
c) must be 18 years of age or over.

Members are bound by the Local Government Code of Conduct

The Council are responsible for managing the Parish Precept, considering local planning applications, maintaining the Recreation Grounds, Cemetery and representing residents’ views and interests locally and nationally. Council is a member of the National Association of Local Councils, Sussex Association of Local Councils and Society of Local Council Clerks.

If you are interested and qualify please contact Steve Keogh, Parish Clerk, The Parish Office, The Triangle, Lower Willingdon, BN20 9PJ
Tel. 01323 – 489603

Closing date for the receipt of applications is Monday 30th October 2017