Parish Council

Willingdon Welcome SignThe Parish Council consists of 19 elected representatives from the community who meet four times a year. In addition to this there is an annual Parish meeting.

Parish Council Meetings are held at Willingdon Community School, Broad Road at 7:30pm, sometimes we have planning meetings 7pm. There is a public question time so that anyone can attend to make their views known. Five committees carry out the work of the Parish Council, meeting mostly at the Parish Office, 3 Gorringe Valley Road, Willingdon, but occasionally at the Village Hall in Jevington. Committee meetings are also open and held on Mondays at 7:30pm.

Parish Councils have many functions possible, but they are all discretionary. This is why all Parish Councils do different things.

Parish Council Committees

In Willingdon and Jevington, the five committees are;

  • Amenities

    • Most of the footway lighting
    • Open spaces (Foulride Green and Jubilee Gardens)
    • Bus shelters
    • Grass verge cutting
    • Footpaths and seats
    • Noticeboards
    • Willingdon in Bloom
    • Traffic
  • Cemetery

    • Upkeep of burial records
    • Maintenance of the Cemetery
    • Planning improvements, footpaths and trees
  • Events

  • Finance & Policy

    • Controlling the budget
    • Recommending to the Council the amount to precept on the Council Tax
    • Staff matters
    • Strategy, including the village appraisal
    • Emergency co-operation with district and county
    • Anything not covered by other committees
  • Planning

    • Reviewing development planning applications
    • Making views known to the District Council on applications
    • Reviewing licence applications
  • Recreation

    • Managing the three recreation grounds
    • Huggets Lane
    • Tott Yew
    • Jevington
    • Major projects to upgrade and improve facilities