Save Willingdon Library Action Group

There have been two meetings of the group. At each meeting the numbers have increased.

They have written letters to the Council and have contacted other Communities with similar problem. Written letters to the Papers and used other ways to highlight the need for the library to remain open.

The local school children are writing to the Council and one pupil has received a reply from the Prime Minister.

Please look out for the flyers and there are ‘Save the Library’ wrist bands and badges available in the Parish Office for only 50p.

Click on the poster for details of how to comment and add your voice to the consultation.

Join the library

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• Willingdon has had a Library in some form or other since the 1930s
• Discriminatory to elderly
• Discriminatory to disabled
• Discriminatory to young families
• Discriminatory to children
• Discriminatory to students
• Discriminatory to unemployed/jobseekers
• Discriminatory to people living on fixed incomes – cannot afford cars, bus fare, taxis, computers, IPads, Smartphones
• Lack of time and ability to get to another library
• Our Library is easily accessible – on a bus route
• Young children need to be encouraged from an early age to read books – it has been shown books sales are on the increase and the use of gadgets is decreasing so those who cannot afford to buy a book need a Library
• To get to either Hampden Park Library or Eastbourne will easily take half a day taking into consideration the walk to a bus stop or taking the car on the busy A2270, then to find a parking space which will not be free – so a cost factor.
• The Government and the County Council are encouraging people not to use cars but to use bikes or walk – how are our elderly and disabled going to be able to cycle to another Library or walk?!
• Having to use public transport or a car is added pollution.
• Willingdon Library is the hub of the community – you can shop at the Convenience Store, go to the Butchers, Greengrocers, Hairdressers, Doctors, Pharmacy, Chiropodists, Pub, Cafe, Barbers, Council Office and Church all in close proximity of our Library.
• As a Council we encourage our residents to shop locally and it will affect their businesses if people have to travel to Eastbourne or Hampden Park.
• With two major developments proposed (one already approved with Outline Planning) it could well mean 1500 extra houses in our Parish – all needing easy access to a Library.
• The computers at Willingdon Library are always in use when one goes into the Library – staff are very helpful to those who have difficulty with them.
• Many elderly people rely on the mobile library service which is also threatened with closure. The mobile service is a lifeline for many elderly residents.
• Our Jevington residents would be particularly affected if our Willingdon Library was to close – public transport difficulties.
• Doubtful if Hampden Park or Eastbourne Libraries have the capacity to cope with all the additional Library users from the 4 affected libraries in our area.
• A Library is one of the few free amenities left in our country at a time when there is grave austerity – it is outrageous to consider closing them.
• Knock-on effect to health of elderly/disabled residents if they have trouble getting to a Library – added stress and cost which could result in our Health Service suffering even more.