Council Responsibilities

Leisure & Recreation

The Council own, manage and maintain several children’s play areas, recreational parks and sports facilities across the Village. Huggetts Lane Recreation Ground, which is the home of Willingdon Football and Cricket Clubs.

It also has a very popular play area.

Jevington Recreation Ground is also the location and home of Jevington Cricket and Stoolball Clubs.

Tott Yew recreation Ground has been owned by the Council for some years, but the play area had a major overhaul in 2014, when new play equipment was installed and made it a very popular and well used play area.

In addition the Council owns a number of pathways, areas of land in the village and manages the contract to mow the urban grass verges.


The Council make recommendations on around 100 planning applications a year, ranging from small extensions to major building developments. Willingdon & Jevington Parish Council have been instrumental in leading campaigns to stop over or unwanted development in the Village. Although the Parish does not have the final decision it is the Councillors task to ensure that the residents of the Village have their voice heard.

The Parish Council is divided into Four wards:

  • Upper Willingdon – 8 members
  • Lower Willingdon – 8 Members
  • Jevington – 1 Member
  • Watermill Ward – 2 Members

The Parish Council values its role in providing services and facilities for local people and within the scope of the statutory limitations. Willingdon & Jevington Parish Council is keen to do as much as it can to improve the quality of life in the community and to this end is not afraid to explore new ideas.

The regular services provided by the Parish Council include:

  • Bus Shelters
  • Bye Laws
  • Newsletter
  • Memorial Seats
  • Litter Bins / Dog Fouling Bins
  • Notice Boards
  • Cemetery
  • Roadside Planters
  • SLR
  • Jubilee Garden
  • Grants to Parish Organisations
  • Street Lights
  • Village Map
  • Leasing of Sports Field
  • Planning (as a consultee)
  • Representation on outside bodies
  • Urban Grass Verges and Trees
  • Annual Events

The Council manages several assets however, most of its income is raised through the precept, which is levied on Wealden District Council and claimed back by them through the local Council Tax payers. Therefore, it is a local tax spent on local facilities.