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Meeting Schedule 2019-2020

Final Audit 2017-18

Meeting Schedule

Annual Return 2016-17

Exercise of public rights notice

Attendance Record 2017-18

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Meeting Schedule 2017-2018

Amenities Committee Terms of Reference

Cemetery Committee Terms of Reference

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Events Committee Terms of Reference

Finance & General Purposes Committee Terms of Reference

Attendance Record 2016-17

Pavilion Sub-Committee Terms of Reference

Personnel Sub-Committee Terms of Reference

Planning Committee Terms of Reference

Public Conveniences Committee Terms of Reference

Recreation Committee Terms of Reference

Meeting Schedule 2016-2017

SDA 4 Sub-Committee Terms of Reference

SLR Sub-Committee Terms of Reference

Parish Council Financial Risk Assessment

Protocol on the recording and filming of meetings

WJPC Bullying and Harassment Policy

WJPC Community Grants Policy

WJPC Complaints Procedure

WJPC Disciplinary Policy

WJPC Document Retention Schedule

WJPC Grievance Policy

WJPC Health and Safety Policy

WJPC Member Officer Relations Protocol

Risk Management Schedule – Cemetery 2017

Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council

Attendance Record 2015-16

JPC Freedom of Information Scheme

FINANCE REGULATIONS – 29th September 2014 

STANDING ORDERS – 29th September 2014

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